Only for shops that offer lift kit upgrades

Drive More Prospects, Book More Estimates & Win More Projects.

Stop wasting time and money with costly and poor-performing marketing. We generate targeted and exclusive lift kit installations and aftermarket upgrade project opportunities in 7-days or less – guaranteed.

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The only marketing provider focused on HIGH-TICKET suspension jobs with a

money-back guarantee on performance. Here is our process...


Step One - Get your online presence back in order

Get your Social Media back in order

Accelerate Reviews and bring organic customers

Make you the superstar Automotive brand in your community


Step Two - We build a predictable Sales Process for you

Help you get your sales process in order

Run advertising campaigns across the region to bring in qualified leads

Then convert those leads into quotes before you step in


Step Three - Converting Quote System

Measure results by tracking the sales and quotes activities

Implement EliteDriven Software System to compliment all advertising efforts

Improve conversations with your potential customers and increase retention


Step Four - Add new Service Lines to your shop

Double down on existing services that are high margin

Help you add on new predictable service lines to your shop with new manufacturers

Help expand and recruit new workers for your shop

The types of jobs we focus on:

Lift kits + Suspension

Side steps

Bed liners + covers

Recreational & ATV

4x4 parts

Aftermarket lighting

So...what if you had a system that predictably produced

new high-ticket customers for your shop?

And what if that system worked in the background, passively, while you focused on creating transformational experiences for your customers?

What if you had a reliable marketing department at a fraction of the cost of hiring someone in-house...

Works with you to refine and optimize your current processes (So you can get everything and more out of everything you're already doing)

Efficiently trains your staff on how to manage the inbound flow of new appointment leads to your shop (Turning your shopfront desk staff into appointment generating machines...even if they've never had experience calling leads)

Produces measurable results over the long-term and continually focuses on long-term solutions (Creating strong foundations and duplicable processes your shop can use to sustain growth or expand into new locations)

Gives you INSIDER ACCESS to the BEST training available for closing new customers from Facebook and Google (You won't be able to find this anywhere else...)

You'd no longer be at the mercy of relying on an unpredictable revenue source like how many organic referrals you get...

And your "best" months now, will eventually be considered a "slow" month...

How would it FEEL to wake up 30 days from today, look out your bedroom window, and SMILE knowing you're more than on your way to exceed the goals you've set for yourself?

What difference would it make in your relationship with your spouse or your kids to be able to take them on a quarterly vacation ANYWHERE you wanted WITHOUT stressing out about the sh*t-storm you're going to come back to when you get home?

This is exactly what we do for our clients.

And for a limited time, we're opening up our services to also give you a free website along with our results-driven marketing packages this month only

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So let me tell you just how confident we are that we can help you get where you want to go in the next 30 days…

I promise you, the value that receives from this call will be enough to pay for your time 100x over if you implement the strategy we design for you (even if we don't accept you as a client...seriously, we turn away 70% of applicants)

THAT'S how confident we are that you'll be blown away by this service.

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